In the picturesque valley of the river Tsehotina Breznik and in the far north of Montenegro located city of Pljevlja. Pljevlja is the most beautiful mixture of Islamic and Christian faith in every sense of the word. The symbol of the eternal city and tolerance are considered two cultural historical and architectural monument of the Monastery of the Holy Trinity and the Hussein-Pasha Mosque.

Monastery of the Holy Trinity dates back to 1537 year. This monastery is far known for its manuscripts. Dozens of books have been written there. Hussein Pasha Mosque real masterpiece of oriental architecture. Its founder Husein Pasha Bolyanich built a mosque in 1569. one of the best manuscripts are kept in the mosque.

Outside the city Pljevlja countryside is very picturesque, idyllic little truth spoil a large coal mine and thermal power station. Half of the inhabitants of Pljevlja consider themselves Serbs, which is not surprising, because until the Serbian border less than 10 km.

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