Bridge on Tara Dzhurdzhevicha

The real work of architecture is the human bridge Dzhurdzhevicha Tara. This car arch bridge connecting the high banks of the Tara River canyon. The bridge is the calling card Montenegro and its image can be seen on numerous souvenirs of the country.

The bridge was built in 1938-1940, when Montenegro was still part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Architect by Professor Miyata Troyanovich. At the time of construction of the bridge was the largest concrete arch bridge in Europe, designed for the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The bridge is 365 meters and a maximum height above the canyon of 172 meters. The design consists of 5 arches, the largest of which has a span of 116 meters. Being on the bridge Dzhurzhevicha can observe stunning views of the canyon of the Tara river on both sides of the bridge.

During the Second World War, during the Italian occupation of Montenegro, Dzhurdzhevicha bridge has become a party to the hostilities. Its strategic position was of great importance for the movement of troops and the armies of supply. Therefore, the Yugoslav partisan units engaged in the fight against the Nazis, decided to destroy the bridge. In 1942, engineer Yaukovich Lazarus, one of the participants in the construction of the bridge, blew its central arch, than completely blocked traffic through the Tara River. This significantly slowed down the enemy offensive on Yugoslavia. The bridge was completely rebuilt in 1946. As it is still done for transport connection, it also serves as an important tourist attraction.

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