Hussein Pasha Mosque

Hussein Pasha Mosque in Pljevlja was built during the Turkish rule in the Montenegro. While the Turks actively developed the Islamization of the local population. One of the most important monuments left over from the Ottoman Empire, is the mosque of Hussein Pasha.

Its construction was carried out for decades in the period from 1573 on 1594 years. The main sponsor and organizer of the construction of the mosque began Hussein Pasha Bolyanich, born in a village not far from Bolyanich Pljevlja, in whose honor and was named the monument of architecture. Hussein Mosque Pasha is considered one of the most beautiful in Montenegro.

The main material in the construction of the mosque was a gray rough stone, which is then decorated with small ornaments. The base is topped by a square shape on four pillars. The mosque has a large dome at the very center and three small around. In the southern side of the building is the minaret, built in 1911 on the site of an old, ruined by lightning, which soars into the sky to a height of 42 meters. Once inside the mosque, dazzles the richness and beauty of decoration of the walls and vault, their signature phrase from the Koran in classic Turkish style, which is one of the finest works of Islamic calligraphy of the XVI century. On the floor looks harmoniously original carpet from quilted leather, made in Egypt in 1573. It measures 10 meters in width and length.

In the mosque Hussein Pasha today kept many valuable books and ancient manuscripts, such as the Koran XVIII century leather-bound volume of 233 pages, filled with Arabic script and decorated with 352 gold miniatures. The temple has its own legend. The walls of the monastery of the Holy Trinity Hussein Pasha advised to build a mosque a mysterious voice. The monastery abbot did not deny a Turkish nobleman in the allocation of land not exceeding the size of cowhide. But clever Pasha ordered to cut the skin on the narrow straps, and thus was able to fence the forest area of ​​several acres. The complex of luxurious mosque with 14 domes, baths and an inn for pilgrims was built in record time frame for the XVI century.

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