Monastery Dovolja

No reliable information about the date of construction of the monastery pleased to Pljevlja to this day has not been preserved. There are several legends about it. The first one says that the monastery was built during the reign of King Milutin in the 1282-1321 years. Another legend suggests the construction period during the reign of King Vladislav in 1234-1242 years. But scientists still believe that the monastery was founded in the XV century, since the first mention of it in the chronicles dates back to 1513 year, when the Metropolitan John abode freed from taxes, and taxes. In the annals of the XVII-XVIII century found the greatest number of mentions about the repair and expansion of the church of the monastery land.

The main monastery church is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in which he was tonsured a monk Serbian Patriarch Arseni Crnojevic III. There are more than one and a half centuries, the relics of St. Arseny, about the healing power of which went to numerous legends. Throughout its history, the monastery pleased repeatedly destroyed, plundered and rebuilt again. The final destruction of the monastery was the efforts of the Turks in 1875 during Herzegovina uprising. Only in 1998 it was convened by the committee for the reconstruction of the monastery satisfied, and in 2002 it once again sounded the monastery bell. Today the monastery is satisfied with the functioning monastery belonging to Mileshevskoy Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Фотографии Monastery Dovolja