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Pluzine Montenegro

PHOTO Pluzine Montenegro

Take a little water from the river, which is determined to become a lake - this is the wonderful nature of mysticism which surrounds the beautiful city of Pluzine. This is the starting point of passionate fishermen on a trip to the lake Piva lake, lake Susice, canyon Nevidio, Stabanskie Lake, and the Tara river. Old Town Pluzine was relocated to a new location during the construction of a dam on the Piva river 1967-1975 years.

In Pluzine live the best guides that help you feel the power of Tara and unforgettable excitement overcoming rapids, waterfalls and the beauty of the canyon, the second largest in the world. Experience the beauty of the canyon Piva, Komarnica and Susica rivers. For climbers and those who want to surpass their capabilities Canyon Nevidio is the real test. With its winding paths of this canyon hides waterfalls, which in some places reach a height of over 100 meters.

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2400100210350410051506200724082409181014118121(C° day)12-401-302-403-10430560690711081209910611412-2(C° night)13168011310213003103041230510806950791086809931099119612117(mm rainfall)

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