Monastery Zagradje

In the north-western border Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the administrative district of Pluzhine is an ancient Orthodox monastery conceals. The founder of the monastery became Duke Stefan Vukshich Kosach being Voivod Bosnia and Duke of Saint Sava, the man who gave the name to the title of the entire surrounding area - Herzegovina. In the XV century, he ordered to build a monastery hath not far from the residence of the medieval fortress Soko Grad.

The main temple of the monastery, named after St. John the Baptist, built in the typical architectural style of the Serbian Raska form. It is decorated with elements of Eastern and Western style church: Romanesque pediment, the Byzantine dome, the simultaneous use of Gothic and Byzantine arches, as well as the iconostasis, designed for Orthodox worship. The interior of the temple is divided into three parts: an altar with a semicircular apse and side Gothic vaults. High iconostasis as central figures using Virgin and Child and of Christ, and the surface of the interior decoration is replete with small decorative elements and unusual ornaments.

After the conquest by the Turks Herzegovina from the dome of the main temple of the monastery shut the tin coating was removed, which was later used for the construction of mosques. It is only in 1998, work began on renovating the temple, and by 2001 it was completely finished. Now shut the monastery in Pluzine is active monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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