Piva lake

Traveling to the northern part of Montenegro sure to visit the Piva lake Pluzhine. This magnificent beauty of the pond was artificially created by man. The lake is in such harmony with the surrounding natural beauty, it is impossible to believe that once in place of the lake there was a plain, overgrown with grass. Piva Lake is like a blue pearl of marvelous beauty of irregular shape, which plays in the sun with colorful highlights. Admiring them, unwittingly doubt that this lake created by man, not by Mother Nature.

The lake is 46 kilometers and a maximum depth of about 220 meters. Almost the whole year the water in the lake does not get warm over 22 degrees Celsius. Piva dam "Mratín" construction which led to the formation of Piva lake in Pluzine, is the largest dam in Europe. Its width is 30 meters at the base and 4.5 meters at the top. The height of the dam - 220 meters. When looking at the dam Mratín, towering over the blue ribbon of the river, you know, that man is rightly called the crown of nature.

Фотографии Piva lake

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