Piva monastery

The base Piva monastery in the municipality of Pluzine happened in the XVI century. At the initiative of the Herzegovina metropolitan Savvatii Sokolović, the future Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church. With 1573 for 1586 was carried out construction on source Piva river surrounded by pine and birch forests.

The first was erected the main temple of the monastery, named after the Assumption, which is the largest building of hewn stone pink and gray colors. Also stones to use any available materials, even the old tombstones, so sometimes the walls are covered with inscriptions from gravestones. Outwardly, the temple looks very modestly, even without the upper dome. But the absence of external decoration was compensated by a wealth of internal.

A large area of ​​the church has provided a lot of space under the frescoes, which fills about 1260 square meters of wall. The main subjects of painting: the events of Scripture, the life of the Virgin and St. John the Baptist, including a panorama of Jerusalem. At the top of the temple shows the Acts of the Apostles Peter and Paul and the faces of the Serbian saints Simeon the Myrrh-gusher, Sava and Stefan Decani. Rich in valuable icons of the iconostasis of the main temple also has tremendous value pilgrims. Collegiate sacristy is the treasury of the attributes that are important for the Serbo-Montenegrin culture.

Store-monastery contains 183 books and about 280 valuable items, including four manuscripts of the Gospel in a heavy silver frame, valuable liturgical items and books omophorion Savvatii Sokolović, diploma of the Russian Emperor Alexander I and other objects and works of art. Save as a unique set of values ​​was possible thanks to the fact that the Chamber of Secrets, which conducted a special staircase in the wall has been made in the construction of the monastery. The Piva monastery kept the miraculous relics of several saints: the hand of the Holy King Uros I Nemanjic, the relics of St. Gregory the Theologian, St. Gregory Armenian power, jaw Svyaschenomuchenika Elefteriya, as well as relics of 11 saints other unknown.

During the construction of Piva hydropower plant in the second half of the XX century, it became clear that the old monastery enters the zone of flooding of the future reservoir. There was a question of saving all this rich cultural heritage. From 1962 to 1982 he held a unique operation on the movement of the monastery to another place. Carefully, layer by layer, the ancient frescoes were removed, disassembled stone by stone ancient buildings, and then it all going again in a new location a few kilometers from the former. Beer - it is a functioning monastery. There are services, there are visiting days and schedule tours for tourists and pilgrims.

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