Shkrtskie lake

Shkrtskie lake located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level in the territory of Durmitor National Park in the administrative district of Pluzine. Surrounded by high rocks are large and small mountain lakes. They are among the most highly placed and hard water bodies in Montenegro.

When the conquest of peaks Bobotov Kuk beautiful views of the lake Big Shkrtskoe. In addition to this the majestic peaks of the lake and surrounded by peaks Prutash, Sharen and Soi. Due to the water greenish hue Shkrtskoe Big Lake has a second name "Green Lake". Water from the lake flows through a few grooves done in rock, and quickly disappears into the deep crevices. After some time, the flow of water coming to the surface to turn the famous waterfall jumping and later become part of the Susica river.

To get to the lake can only pedestrian route, spending on it a few hours of hard walking. The reward will be a stubborn tourist a fantastic panoramic view from the highest point on the bottom of the lying Shkrtskie lake.

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