Stabanskie lake

Stabanskie lake Pluzhine are beautiful attractions the north of Montenegro. They consist of two lakes Big and Small, surrounded by mountain peaks Bioče massif, whose slopes in the summer green vegetation covers the thick deciduous and pine forests.

Many Stabanskoe lake stretched at a height of 1325 meters above sea level, 300 meters long, 190 meters wide and has a maximum depth of 10 meters. Altitude Small Stabanskogo lake is 1194 meters. During the summer, its dimensions reach 160 meters in length and 150 meters in width and depth of about 4.5 meters.

Walking the road to Stabanskih Lakes is not too difficult. It should be most of the way to move along the river bed of a small stream Stabansky, and then, after the sign, turn to the north towards the forest. Because of this, the lake often Stabanskie intermediate points of various hiking trails.

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