Trnovacko lake

The gorge, bypassing Durmitor in the north-west, spread over 14 kilometers and reaches a depth of 600 meters. On the slopes grow spruce, beech, maple and pine relic. For the way to Susice amazing metamorphosis occur: it disappears from sight, went on their way to the mouth of the underground.

A few kilometers from the source is Lake Susice - recognized as a natural phenomenon. Overflowing in the spring pond covers an area 200 meters wide and 450 meters long. The average depth of 5 meters and a maximum depth of about 7 meters. As we approach the summer months the water level goes down, and then the lake completely dries. His place is taken by a meadow, overgrown with tall alpine grasses. The spectacle fascinating confluence of rivers. Susica Mountains descend almost at right angles, not everyone dares to go to the edge, to enjoy the natural splendor.

Фотографии Trnovacko lake

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