Often those travelers who have been to Montenegro, and even those who live here permanently, know very little about the country's capital, because the main tourist activity is concentrated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and in Podgorica rare to find tourists. Among the Russian-speaking population in Montenegro have long entrenched stereotype that in Podgorica can only see the bus station and shopping center Delta City, and nothing more interesting here is not present.

In fact, by the sad historical reasons, namely the terrible bombing during the Second World War that the city was literally swept from the face of the earth, there remained little monuments and ancient architecture. Nevertheless, there is something to see. So, Podgorica is the largest city in Montenegro. According to the latest census, it is home to 185,940 people, or about 30% of the total population. Podgorica The area also has the largest area in Montenegro of all the cities of the order of 10% of the entire country. It is located in a flat area that is almost entirely covered by mountains of Montenegro is a rarity. However, this plain still have a few hills. From the top of either the city will appear before you as at hand. By the way, here you can notice also that in Podgorica peacefully coexist the private sector and apartment buildings.

Currently, Podgorica - the main transport hub of the country, its economic, administrative and scientific center. Guests Podgorica entails its picturesque location in the valley between the five rivers, an abundance of parks and green spaces, as well as the proximity of the famous attractions of Montenegro: Dajbabe Monastery, Skadar lake, Fortress Lesendro.

Podgorica - one of the few places in the country where it is possible to make a good shopping. For shops with clothes of famous brands, accessories, perfumes and household goods concentrated in the area of streets and Hertsegovachka Njegoševo, as well as in the new part of the city.

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