Blazo Jovanovic bridge

Bridge Blazo Jovanovic in the capital of Montenegro municipality Podgorica was built after the Second World War. It was named in honor of the national hero Blazo Jovanovic, a fighter against the Nazi occupation of the country, a statesman, who held in the middle of the XX century leadership positions in Montenegro and Yugoslavia.

The construction of the bridge by the famous Serbian architect Branko Zhezhel began in 1948, and in 1950 he was put into operation. Today, it is the construction of a bridge length of 115.2 meters and a width of 22.35 m is one of the busiest urban crossings of the Moraca River. In 2008 the bridge was subject to major renovation, resulting in get a nice multicolored illumination. This illumination has become a distinctive part of the bridge, through which it has become a popular landmark of the city the night.

Фотографии Blazo Jovanovic bridge

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