Millennium Bridge

Bridge of the Millennium "Millennium" is in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. Its opening took place on July 13, 2005 Day of statehood of Montenegro. Now it is another attraction that is sure to want to visit all the tourists Podgorica.

The appearance of the Millennium Bridge is so unusual that it can not be confused with any other. Millennium Bridge connects the banks of the Moraca River, namely I.Chernoevicha boulevard and street July 13. The bridge is 173 meters, width 24 meters and height - 57 meters. It is designed for two-lane traffic road transport and has specialized footpaths. The author of the cable-stayed bridge pylon, cables, 12th and 24th on me counterweights Mladen Ulievich, a professor of civil engineering. Building a budget of 7 million euros. Construction and opening of the bridge marked the entrance Montenegro into the new, XXI century, the age of technology and progress, which is reflected in the design of the Millennium Bridge.

Фотографии Millennium Bridge

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