Bukumirskoe lake

Bukumirskoe lake can rightly be considered one of the most legendary Montenegro Lakes. Several legends are connected with it! One of the myths says that a long time ago on the territory of the lake lived a fabulous dragon that protected him from the ancient people. Another story tells of a traveler, who, being in these places, tired and dying of thirst wandered in search of a source of water, but nothing could be found. Exhausted, he sat down to rest, and said: "If the Lord has given me the opportunity to drink the water, I could gain strength and continue your journey!". And then with all the surrounding rocks became draining water, forming a lake in the valley.

Although not quite Bukumirskoe lake too large (210 meters long, 130 wide and 17 meters deep), this does not prevent him to attract tourists. The incredible beauty of landscapes, closed on all sides by mountain peaks, reaching a height of almost half a kilometer body of water of glacial origin, clean fresh air, beautiful starry sky at night. Where you can camp and enjoy the water lilies floating on the water surface, swim in the crystal clear water. Full integration with nature!

Today, because of the huge influx of tourists Bukumirskoe Lake is gaining immense popularity, and therefore conduct electricity here, build guest houses and motels, turning in his peculiar mini-resort.

The lake is very close to Podgoroditsey, from where you can easily reach by car. The way you will not tire, because the path will open beautiful views of the nature of Podgoroditsy: lots of trees, mountains Toracha, Gozd, Velega, between which there is a lake.

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