Cathedral Church of the Resurrection of Christ

In 2013, the territory's largest city of Montenegro, in Podgorica was consecrated great Cathedral of Christ's resurrection. This is truly a momentous event for the whole of the Christian world, as it is the only temple of its kind of this size and importance, which is in the drevnevizantiyskom style.

In general, this cathedral was laid before the Second World War and during that time, several additions and innovations of the modern world has been made in building architecture. And now there are a variety of worship and liturgy, celebrating Christian holidays and weddings. Naturally, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, drew attention to the tourists who come here from around the world, what would admire the beauty and fairytale majesty of this temple, which is located on the scenic mountainous hills and over it, its kind from virtually anywhere in the city, and far beyond it, the more building height of 40 meters, and 17 gold-plated bells shine from the sun's rays. By the way these ringing mnogotonnikov audible even in other cities.

Inside the temple, luxurious decoration, combining the styles of many Christian nations of the world, including Russia. In addition to Russia immediately connected a lot. Icons and images on the walls, and have Russian roots as well. In general, there exists the maximum number of different shrines as collected in Montenegro, and brought from other places, such as the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Mount Athos.

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