The ancient city of Dukla

Dukla - an ancient city, located three kilometers from Podgorica. Early this city was called Doclea, but later, due to the Slavs acquired its present name - Dukla. Now in its place remained only ruins: the remains of destroyed buildings, such as churches, castles, towers.

Numerous archaeological excavations on the territory of the remnants of the ancient Roman city took place over a hundred years - from the end of the nineteenth century and was completed in 1998. During this period, concerned scientists have learned that the city was surrounded by fortresses and towers in the center was the main area, and several churches. In addition, archaeologists and historians were able to restore a rough picture of the event: in the first century AD, the Romans laid Diokles, in the second century was the highest flowering of the city, at the beginning of the fifth - the destruction of the Goths, in 518, the city was restored, and 100 years later it was captured by the Slavs and in the ninth century, the population turned to Christianity at the end of the twelfth century comes full decline and in 1189 Dukla finally collapsed.

Dukla - a great place for those interested in the history of ancient cities who like to admire the ruined buildings, who just wants to be in a deserted, remote from the civilized world village. There are no crowds of tourists, the entrance is absolutely free and free.

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