Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, famous for its rich architecture and culture, numerous museums and churches. Walking through the streets of Podgorica, you can see the building from afar resembles a ship with a long mast. However, on reflection, that this shipbuilding museum you go wrong - in fact, it is a unique church of Sacre Coeur, which was built at the end of the last century. The unusual name is explained by the veneration of the Virgin Mary and the heart of Jesus Christ, peculiar to Catholicism.

Before the church was located on the site of a Catholic church, but it was completely destroyed during the Second World War.

Inside the room is not less surprising - it is illuminated by the rays of light falling from the tower directly on the altar. By the top of the tower are helical staircase, located on the sides of buildings. Just inside the church is located a 40-meter bell tower, standing alone. Unfortunately, work on arrangement of the facade has not been completed, and now the church appears abandoned, despite the fact that the services are carried out there.

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