Dajbabe Monastery

Dajbabe Monastery is located near the Podgorica Montenegro capital city. It is unique in that a large part of the temple is located underground in the ancient caves. On the ground you will see the only entrance to the church with two bell towers on each side.

For a long time Dajbabe mountain with its numerous caves are a sacred place among Christians. Even before construction on the site of the monastery underground path is actively used holy hermits. Inside the mountain there was a source of fresh water, and dense thickets reliably hide the entrance to the catacombs from prying eyes. The main church of the monastery Dajbabe named in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the numerous raids of the Ottoman Empire on the territory of Montenegro locals hid in the catacombs of the monastery many Orthodox values ​​and shrines, some of which are not found until now.

According to legend, the construction of the monastery was started in 1897 after the arrival in the place of the shepherd Petko Ivezicha. He said that in a dream appeared to him the spirit of the holy, hidden inside a mountain Dajbabe from the Turkish yoke, and insisted on the construction of the monastery here. After hearing the story of the shepherd, monk Simeon Popovic understood that we are talking about hidden inside a cave in the previous years, the relics of the saints, and decided to help Petko Ivezichu in this good endeavor. The desire of the shepherd and Simeon supported King Nicholas I of Montenegro and Metropolitan.

The first time the entire convent was located just under the ground, using a space mountain caves Dajbabe. After a while the outer entrance to the temple, two bell towers at the edges of the entrance and a hospice was built on the ground. The dimensions of the temple are the same and the cave is 2.5 meters wide and 21.5 meters long. Painting the walls of the underground church in the Christian subjects performed Montenegrin St. Simeon Daybabsky. You were created depressions in the walls, which are located in the chapel. The upper body of the church is paved with tiles. In Dajbabe relics of St. Simeon, and the monastery is a place of pilgrimage for believers from around the world.

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