Montenegrin National Theatre

The Montenegrin National Theatre can rightly be considered the only professional theater in Montenegro. Located in the capital, Podgorica, it attracts everyone, not only to their repertoire, but also the amazing architecture. The theater building is the most prominent and outstanding representative of modern architecture, which showed itself to the world in 1997 after a seven-year-long restoration. Prior to that, 20 years (from 1969 to 1989) was in the theater building, which was built by workers and specialists from the USSR, but in the last year there was a fire and everything burned down. Long-term restoration of the building contributed to the financial crisis of the country, coupled with the collapse of Yugoslavia. At the end of the theater re-opened its doors for the actors, new productions and audiences. During the first decade of his work repertoire he added more than 40 new productions, which took place with great success.

Today, the theater is not only shows the performances, plays, goes on tour, but it is also the venue, as well as the initiator of various festivals of theater and music. Every year come here more than fifty thousand spectators, some of whom are locals, and tourists.

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