Mosque Osmanagicha

Arriving in Podgorica should definitely visit Osmanagicha mosque. Built in the late XVIII century, survived the bombing of the Second World War, it still amazes us with its grandeur and mystery.

Located in the old Turkish quarter, Osmanagicha mosque is a legacy of the Islamic period in the history of Podgorica! The exact date of the start of construction, unfortunately, is not found, because there are no data on the year of its construction. However, it is likely that this happened at the same time with the construction of the chapel Sahat Kula as Mahmed Pasha Osmanagich supported in the construction of both facilities. Some time later a mosque mosque dubbed Lukashevich. Because of their concern for the religious buildings to this day at the mosque two names.

In the time of the bombing of World War II the mosque was badly damaged, so almost 50 years after the war destroyed building was used as a storage room. Only half a century later, the Muslim community has undertaken the restoration of the mosque was carried out to return her back to life, a titanic work has been renovated and restored monument to the Muslim religion.

Today, the mosque is under state protection as a cultural monument, at the same time, as the current temple.

Фотографии Mosque Osmanagicha

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