Palace Complex of King Nikola I Petrovic

Doug Morachka Monastery - one of the most amazing and oldest monasteries in Montenegro, located a few kilometers from Podgorica, in a very scenic and beautiful places - on the banks of Moraca.

There is a legend that the original monastery was built on the other bank of the river Moraca, but because of the constant attacks of foreigners in his mid-twelfth century, rebuilt in the most quiet place - on the other side. Without monastery "unpopular" in the fifteenth century and was abandoned until the mid-sixteenth century. It was then partially destroyed the monastery was restored Montenegrin prince and got its name - Arc Morachka. For many years, numerous tribes in Montenegro, such as, for example, Piper, Heap, Bratonozhichi, considered the center of the monastery of their spiritual culture, so many of the details and the overall image of architectural construction combines several styles. In the mid-forties of the twentieth century, after the Second World War, Doug Morachka was destroyed and abandoned, and only in 1966, the master and the workers took up his recovery.

Today the monastery functions as a convent belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church. Every year many pilgrims and tourists come here in order to pray to God, ask him for family welfare and children.

Фотографии Palace Complex of King Nikola I Petrovic

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