Clock Tower Sahat-Kula

Sahat-Kula - a calling card of Podgorica, one of its main attractions. Moreover, a monument protected by the state. Sixteen meter tower was built in the late fifteenth century, when the city was conquered by the Turks. Even then, it was considered a symbol of the captured city. Initially, the tower has served as the guard room for the soldiers who were there to see the city and watch everything going on. Later, the tower was brought Italian clockwork bell installed and turned it into a real clock tower, which has long been the only source of time. Bell was read during every half-hour, and his ringing heard for many kilometers. More recently, in 2012, the clock mechanism was replaced by modern electronic and the bell no longer rings. But it is, and this is the fifth bell in the chapel. Petar - so called bell - can be seen in a small little room in the tower.

Sahat Kula can be considered a truly unique tower - it stood during the Second World War, and during the bombardment of the Turks in the late twentieth century. They say over her "timeless".

The Clock Tower is located in the historic center Podgoroditsy, included in many tourist destinations around the city, it is the symbol of the Turkish district of Stara Varos. Moreover, the local folklore is replete with its famous landmark - poems and songs do not go without mention of the Sahat-Kula.

Фотографии Clock Tower Sahat-Kula

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