Church of St. George

Podgorica has a great cultural heritage and the ancient church of St. George is no exception. Built in the IX-XI centuries, it has become known thanks to several ancient Orthodox artifacts that have been preserved in its territory. Despite the fact that so many treasures were destroyed, some frescoes and still delight the congregation.

Over the years, the church building was destroyed several times, so that the original form was not preserved. The church is located in the center of Podgorica, at the foot of the hill Gorica.

On the territory of the church there is a shop where for a nominal amount you can buy candles, books, objects of religious subjects and souvenirs. Women entrance to the temple grounds is permitted only with veiled head and knees.

Near the ancient graveyard is located by the church. Between the tombs and gravestones have trodden the narrow trail of curious tourists and visitors.

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