Starodoganskaya mosque

The main center of Islamic communities throughout Montenegro - Starodoganskaya mosque - was built in the fifteenth century, and at that time it was the first mosque in Podgorica. As she looked in those years, today it is not known, because it has undergone many evolutions, and during the Second World War and did was completely destroyed by the projectile hit. After the war, the mosque was restored, but after a short time the strongest earthquake in 1979 was destroyed again.

Due to historical references, we found out that the mosque was built by the Ottoman governor Skender Ceausu. To keep the mosque have been allocated special pastures and mills that generate revenues, but that was not enough, and came to the aid of the traders. It was then a mosque and became known Starodoganskoy.

Today Starodoganskoy mosque is the headquarters of the Supreme Islamic Council of Montenegro.

Фотографии Starodoganskaya mosque

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