Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky, the world-famous Soviet actor, poet and singer-songwriter songs. He was appreciated not only in the USSR, but also citizens of other countries. No exception was Podgorica residents and citizens throughout Montenegro. This country Vladimir Vysotsky visited in 1974 during the shooting of the Soviet-Yugoslav film, and the second time in 1975 during a tour of the Theatre on Taganka.

In 2004, in Podgorica, on the banks of Moraca River, not far from the Moscow Bridge and Millennium Bridge unveiled a monument to Vysotsky, who was presented by Moscow. Its sculptor was the famous Russian architect Alexander Taratynov.

Vysotsky is depicted with a guitar, without which it is very difficult to imagine. The height of the buildings is 5 meters. Its opening was attended by the Mayor of Podgorica Miomir Mugosa and son Nikita Vysotsky Vladimir Semenovich.

Фотографии Monument to Vladimir Vysotsky

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