Niagara Falls

These edges Montenegro are renowned for their fantastic beauty where Tsievna mountain river flows among the hills, taking its origin on the border with Albania. Getting on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, the river continues its way already in mountainous terrain, which gradually turns into the plain with a large number of fields. There is, at the junction where Tsievna meets the river Moraca and is a beautiful waterfall Niagara.

We can say, in the area of ​​Niagara beautiful nature artificially created by man, including the waterfall itself. The fact that the local authorities have decided to create a kind of a small reservoir, neobohimoe for watering the vast number of fields. The resulting lake, located on a hill flows down from the height of a ten, recalling a miniature waterfall. But this does not diminish the interest skolechko tourist influx which in these places is growing every year. And most importantly, there is something to see, and even to relax with all my heart.

Not far from the waterfall is a quiet and comfortable hotel and not less than warm reception to any restaurant where you can dine watching the falling water. A stay at the hotel can be, even for a month. The fertile fields located in the area, planted with different varieties of vines, which can be on the tour even walk and, of course, wine tasting. In general, the romance of a small waterfall called Niagara, will appeal to any traveler.

Фотографии Niagara Falls

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