Shavnik - a small village on the west Montenegro, with a population of about six hundred men. Despite its small size, it is the center of the municipality in which the permanent home to over 3,000 residents. Is this village about halfway between Zabljak and Niksic, at the confluence of the rivers Bijela, Bukovica and Savnik. This is one of the most underdeveloped towns Montenegro, situated in a very picturesque area. Shavnik relief is very diverse - there are valleys, mountain ranges and deep canyons, lapped by the crystal clear waterfalls.

The climate around Shavnik mountain, with a long, snowy winters and short summers. In winter, the district falls solid precipitation, so often in the region of a few weeks is cut off from the outside world. In Shavnik thriving dairy farming and the number of specialized farms, he is considered one of the industry leaders.

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