Monastery Bijela

Bijela The monastery was founded in the XII century, and calls it the Holy churchwarden John Prince-Vladimir and prince Vulovic from Bijela. Resident devoted svyatomuchenniku George and is located in the mountains in the north of modern Montenegro in the administrative field Shavnik.

Unfortunately, written records about the life of the monastery remained a bit. The first written mention of the monastery dates back to 1656 year. In 1702, the monastery was burned by the Turks. In 1716 the monastery was tonsured monk from the monastery Krushedol Gabriel Stefanovic. In 1735 the abbot of the monastery died Maxim, who ran the home of over 30 years. In 1830, the monastery once again suffered from the Turkish tyranny. Then the Turks expelled abbot of the monastery.

Restored in 1887, the monastery abbot Dionysius. During World War II, the monastery was deserted, and the monastery building was destroyed. Currently works Hieromonk Isaiah Krgovicha and benefactors restored monastery, built a new residential building. Abbot abbot Isaiah Krgovich born May 30, 1965 in Sokoltse. He graduated from the seminary in the Krka monastery. April 27, 1997 he was tonsured in the Ostrog monastery. July 21, 1991 ordained a deacon, and July 28, 1991 to the priesthood. Since September 1998, it shall be the obedience of abbot at Bijela Savnik.

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