Canyon Nevidio

Nevidio canyon on the river Komarnica in Savnik municipality is the most impregnable in Montenegro. Along the gorge there are many areas which can not pass through an inexperienced person. To overcome them need professional mountaineering training. In this regard, the canyon was named Nevideo not seen a miracle and Invisible God. All of these names are a reflection of inaccessibility and danger, although the nature of these sites continues to be attractive. Despite the fact that in some places the bottom may not be exposed to sunlight, even in good weather, many tourists in Montenegro dream to be here, learning the hard to reach places!

Nevideo Canyon on the river Komarnica is located between the mountain and Loyanik Bolskoy rock in an area where the border of the two municipalities, namely Pluzhine and Shavnik. Canyon Nevideo surrounds mountain Durmitor National Park, as well as the canyons of the rivers Tara, Piva, Susica. Once upon a time it was formed in the place where the collision between two mountain plateau, namely Voinika and Durmitor. A winding river, characterized by a rapid current, transformed into a deep canyon.

The length of the canyon is about 3.8 kilometers. The flow of the river at this point is accompanied by waterfalls, deep water pockets, side skirts. Height rocks in the data field is 450 meters. The width of the gorge reaches only 0.5 meters. The width of the canyon Nevideo on Komarnica River Gate Kamikaze is 25 centimeters. The maximum width of the gorge - 500 meters. Canyon Nevideo long remained unexplored. This is not surprising, because in order to conquer these places need courage.

All the natural beauty of the canyon opened in 1965, when, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to talented and experienced climbers who came from Niksic, crossed a narrow gorge. Now, through the gorge Nevideo canyon Komarnica river can pass every tourist who came to Montenegro, and want to experience the character of its own, and also has special training. The main thing to remember is that the aid will not come, and in order to survive, you need to go to the end, overcoming many obstacles.

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