Monastery Podmalinsko

The monastery Podmalinsko in the municipality Shavnik is the main Orthodox shrine in the historic area of ​​Drobnjak in the north, where anciently settled Montenegrin tribes and Drobnyatsi Uskotsi. This monastic cloister was built in the middle of the XIII century.

According to the legends the monastery was built Podmalinsko Serbian king Uros I Nemanjic in 1252. As a patron of the monastery was chosen by the Holy Archangel Michael, especially revered saint Nemanjic dynasty. The monastery is the tomb of Mirko Aleksic, known drobnyatskogo magistrates, who, during the wars with the Ottoman Empire killed the Turkish commander-Smilie Agu Chengicha. The tomb is topped with a commemorative epitaph Montenegrin King Nikola I Petrovic Njegos.

After the Second World War, the monastery church was abandoned, and only in 1998 on donations patron Savo Kudzhundzhicha were started restoration work, which ended in 2002. In 2005 Hierodeacon Lazar Stojkovic executed frescoes of the church. Today the monastery is an active Podmalinsko convent.

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