Sutomore ("land and sea") - a resort town between Bar and Petrovac, famous for its sandy beaches, the length of 2.5 km. These famous beaches are protected from the winds from the mainland cypresses and pines. Not far from the town of Sutomore is a cozy Chan, pebble beach, which is among the best in Montenegro.

Located between the towns of Petrovac and Bar, Sutomore is a small and cozy place, ideal for families. Despite the small size, Sutomore is very popular among local and foreign tourists. For leisure there are hospitality and kindness that has perfectly comfortable rest according to the traveler of all incomes.

The city has a developed infrastructure: Sutomore is connected with the railroad Belgrade-Bar, near local beaches stretches a string of cafes, restaurants and shops to suit every taste and color.

Arriving in Sutomore, you should remember that in the summer, most of the resort area is strictly for pedestrians.

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