Church of Saint Petka

The Church of Saint Petka in Sutomore is different from other churches in Montenegro, having two altars. This is due to the fact that it carried out the Orthodox and Catholic worship. Such churches are a unique phenomenon, characteristic of the spiritual traditions Montenegro, demonstrating a high degree of tolerance to Montenegrins religion, as well as friendly relations among different faiths.

If you move along the Adriatic highway towards the city of Chan, two kilometers from the Sutomore on your way to the village Zagradzhe. This village is located and the Church of St. Petka, which was built in the XIV century. During the 1990 civil war, the Catholic altar was thrown out of the church. This act was motivated by the fact that the Catholic altar was set up in the church during the Austro-Hungarian occupation. However, local residents are convinced that the joint services were held here since ancient times. After many trials in 1995 in the Church officially allowed to hold services, both Orthodox and Catholic religion. Only after that local feel a return to its historical roots.

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