Ratachskoe Abbey

On Ratach peninsula are the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery Ratachskoy Virgin, which is otherwise called Ratachskim abbey. It is located in a conservation area.

Based monastery was in 1247, in 1571 the Ottoman army completely destroyed it, that was the reason for his devastation. Prior to that, he also repeatedly attacked the Ottoman Empire. It is known that before the monastery was standing at the shoreline, and possessed him Benedictine fraternity. It is also in the possession of the brotherhood were the surrounding land, and representatives of the fraternity is actively engaged in trade and production of olive oil.

It was Ratachskom abbey in the XII century appeared the first written literary monument of the South Slavs. It's about "Chronicles Dukljanin ass." On the same grounds the ruins of the church of St. Mary, which was built in XII-XIII centuries. It kept the icon of the Virgin Mary - the object of worship many pilgrims.

Фотографии Ratachskoe Abbey

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