Sveti-Stefan is a small island connected to the mainland Montenegro artificial mound. The island was named in honor of St. Stephen, which is named after the church was built here.

According to legend Pastrovici villagers returning after another victory over his enemies in the Bay of Kotor, saw the ships of the Ottoman Empire in Yaza area. Not having to lose the spirit of a winner, they rushed into battle and destroyed the Turkish fleet. Inspired by numerous victories, the residents decided to erect a church and a castle here in honor of St. Stephen, the patron saint Pastrovici. During the rule of the Venetian Republic, the island was an important trading center. The island was located about 100 houses, 3 churches and more than 400 residents. Subsequently, the island began to come into disrepair, and the population was reduced to 20 people. Sveti Stefan has turned into an ordinary fishing village.

Revival of the island began in 1957. The Yugoslav Government has decided to turn the island into a unique resort, the city hotel. After transformation on Sveti Stefan rest Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Kirk Douglas, Leonid Brezhnev, Sylvester Stallone, Claudia Schiffer, Bobby Fischer and other celebrities. Now the island is closed to the visit; there can only be reached as a guest of the hotel. More recently, the island has grown to the village of the same name. In the village, you can easily find the apartment like and enjoy the views of the island and the sea. From Sveti Stefan towards Budva is a picturesque walkway lighting to the royal beach and pine park Milocer.

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