Tivat - one of the most modern port cities Montenegro, which reveals its beauty at the entrance to Kotor Bay. Montenegrins are proud of the beautiful Tivat, surrounded by the magnificent beaches of the Adriatic coast. Brought here by sailors from all over the world are decorated with exotic plants Tivat year round. It is believed that the name comes from the name illiyskoy Queen Teuta, often resting in these magnificent places. Since the Middle Ages to the present day here gathers the entire Kotor know.

Tivat has received city status after all other cities Boca Kotor Bay - in the XIX century, after 1889 there was built Marine Arsenal for the ships of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. During the time of Yugoslavia is located repair facilities of the Yugoslav Navy.

A few kilometers from the center of the eponymous international airport in Montenegro. Also in Tivat operates ferry Kamenari-Lepetane through the Strait of Verige, allowing not go around Boca Bay of Kotor on the way to the Herceg Novi or Croatia.

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