Church of Saint Sava

<>Tonsured as a monk, even very young man, Sava began his first steps in the religious community. Traveling in Russian monasteries, he was deeply imbued with and learned to give themselves entirely to the service of God. Returning to rage in the war and bloodshed land Sava of Yugoslavia, thanks to his sense of measure, internal humility and diplomatic talent, he ended the war for the throne. In honor of him and the church of St. Sava was built in Tivat, and thanks to him was erected one of the monasteries of Mount Athos, a popular style of his spirituality and beauty.

In one of the trips to Jerusalem Sawa was engaged in construction of shelters and help points for numerous pilgrims. Almost immediately after his death, he was elevated to the dignity of the church and became the chief spiritual symbol of not only Tivat but also the entire Montenegro. In order to break the spirit of the local people, one of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, ordered to burn the relics of the saint on the mountain near Belgrade Vracar. However, after a few centuries after independence, on the site of the burning in memory of the saint has been established Church of Saint Sava. By the way, according to legend, the relics of Saint Sava left hand, which is now one of the major shrines of Serbia and Montenegro.

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