Gospa od Milo island

The Island Gospa od Milo, which means "Our Lady of Mercy", has dimensions of 147 meters in length and 80 in width. The nature of this island has been greatly changed by people as far back as ancient times. Here in 1479 located convent of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which flourished in the reign of the Order of St. Francis. Fortunately for us, the novices of the island left the park for his conversations with God daily and to keep order in the territory. Despite several wars and earthquakes, the park was, delighting the eye inhabitants of the monastery by its nature, greenery and color of your trees and shrubs.

Before the Second World War, the island Gospa od Milo belonged to various priests, and in 1945 passed into the possession of the state. For a while, there is a children's institution, where the rest of the children Tivat and other cities, but in the end of XX century, the island once again passed the church. Thus, we can say that considered the island near the town of Tivat has a great history. But the nature of Tivat, carefully preserved on the island, may please the eye of any tourist and pilgrim.

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