Park Zupa

On the shore of Boka bay, one kilometer from the center of Tivat spread the rich greenery park Zupa. Currently, it seems abandoned, the local farmers are periodically graze a herd of goats. Locals walk in this park is quite rare because of its improvement have not been conducted, but, nevertheless, it is very clean air thanks to the centuries-old cypress trees and pines, which in the old days is a picturesque green grove.

At the heart of the park you will find the remains of Byzantium house, whose architecture is implemented in terms of the Renaissance style, as well as the clock tower and the family chapel. In the XIX century residence houses Byzantium, which is in the park Zupa, the Austro-Hungarian troops used by their military needs, and some buildings partially converted into a barracks and offices. On the hill, where there is a park, beautiful views of the Tivat, neighboring islands and low mountains around Kotor Bay.

Фотографии Park Zupa

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