Yacht Club Porto Montenegro

There is no doubt, the most expensive and glamorous attraction Tivat is the Yacht Club Porto Montenegro. This is one of the world centers of sailing activity luxury. Given the steady growth of staying in a super-yacht port, Porto Montenegro has a huge marina capable of servicing yachts up to 150 meters long.

The hotel - restaurants, a nightclub, a 64-meter swimming pool, a sports club and a yacht club. Novice sailors can enroll in the club program: "Sailing school", "Motor Yacht", "Boating" and "Sports Club". Club Porto Montenegro takes care of leisure crew members, regardless of the season, offering a varied calendar of events throughout the year. There are regularly organized contests, competitions, regattas, special events and lessons. The club offers its guests a meeting room services, guest rooms, library, bar, bowling and much more.

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