Tivat large city park

The local population Tivat believes that mandatory item in the program of visits to their city should be large city park. It opened the largest botanical garden in the southern Adriatic and an area of ​​about four hectares of the park. His beautiful plants are grown on land that originally belonged to noble families in Tivat, is pleased and Lukovic.

The second park name, which can be heard, "Naval Park", as the initiator and main organizer of the park became Admiral of the Navy Maximilian Daubleski background Shternek, in 1892, ordered all his officers of the Austro-Hungarian Navy to bring here the seeds and seedlings from all over the world. Therefore, in a large city park in Tivat you can find palm trees, oleander, mimosa, various types of bougainvillea and other beautiful plants and flowers.

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