Church-Mosque in Ulcinj

The Archaeological Museum is housed defunct church-mosque of St. Mary, built in 1510. This building is intricately combines the features of different architectural styles. The church was built on the site of an even more ancient temple of the Renaissance (presumably 14-16 centuries). The oldest part of the buildings - the door jamb, and fragments of the ancient walls of the church, located on the west side of the building. In 1693 the church was rebuilt in a mosque, like the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Constantinople. One of the two entrances to it were immured in the facade appeared four new windows, changed the design of bearing walls and there was a minaret. However, preserved archivolt (framing arched openings) and a round Gothic window-socket, located at the entrance to the church. Under the lime-coated walls, you can see fragments of frescoes of the 16th century.

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