Old town Ulcinj

Old Town of Ulcinj is one of the oldest on the entire Adriatic coast. Already in the V century BC Colchis colonists built a fort on the rock around which the city began to grow. For 25 centuries, Ulcinj has experienced frequent change of government and different civilizations, each of which enriched the city its cultural and historical heritage.

The city in its history has had several names. The Romans named it Olcinium. The Venetians gave it the name Dulsino. During the Turkish domination the town was chosen by pirates. Production from the captured vessels are a major source of income for local residents. The move was also a slave: people from the captured ships were taken captive and sold on the market ultsinskom. There is not too credible legend that the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, captive in one of the sea battles, five years languished in captivity was in Ulcinj, and it is from the Venetian name of the city got its name the heroine of the novel "Don Quixote" Dulcinea. But it is known that the tower Balsica, in the old Ulcinj, in the 17th century lived Mahmud Efendi, famous for its peculiar interpretation of the Talmud. In this tower now houses an art gallery.

Today the town with its picturesque winding medieval streets, full of 2- and 3-storey buildings with elements of the Renaissance and Baroque, with the legacy of the Ottoman time. And some of the most ancient remains of the city walls dating back to the Illyrian times.

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