Fortress Besats

Besats Fortress, built in the XV century during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in the territory Montenegro is one of the oldest military fortifications preserved on the ground that State. Some towers trace their history to the medieval state Zeta behind the ramparts. In the ancient fortress delineates Slavic and Turkish territory, so today it is a significant historical value not only for Montenegro, but also for the entire Balkan region.

Besats Fortress is rectangular in shape. It consists of a fortified wall with a gate in the south and observation towers on the northeast and southwest corners. Inside the fortress are located military barracks and other outbuildings. All areas between buildings connected by good paved paths. The main advantage of this strategic fortress lay in the fact that its walls are perfectly visible every neighborhood. This allows the owner of the fortress completely dominated the region from a military point of view.

The architectural value of the fortress Besats explained by way of its construction, when the Slavic buildings beginning of the XV century were imposed further strengthen Turkish style at the end of the same century. The result is a mixed architectural object carrying a classic atmosphere and aesthetics of the time. Today the fortress is in a dilapidated state, but in its place it is planned to create a tourist military-memorial complex.

Фотографии Fortress Besats

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