Fortress Zabljak Crnojevica

The fortress Zabljak Crnojevic - one of the oldest buildings in Montenegro. We founded it back in the tenth century, when this place an ancient state of Duklja, and she performed the role of an outpost of the military garrison of Serbia. After that, right up to the fifteenth century of the fortress is nowhere mentioned, is in this area has not developed a new state - Zeta under the protectorate of Serbia. It then became a central fortress Zabljak young princes Crnojevic land.

In the middle of the fifteenth century (in 1466-1478 years) fortress besieged by the Ottoman Empire, the wall Zabljak constantly strengthened, but eventually collapsed under the onslaught of the enemy. About 400 years the fortress was under the influence of the Turks and in 1878 by the decision of the Berlin Congress it returned "home" - to Montenegro.

Today the fortress is a dilapidated building. However, many tourists come here, in the area of ​​Skadar Lake, to admire the žabljak crnojevića, it's not just an ancient defensive fortress, which offers incredible views of the surrounding countryside, but also the architectural structure that combines Turkish and Byzantine, and Serbian motives.

To get to the fortress Zabljak can be like a boat from a small poselochka Golubovci and specially trail (mostly in the dry season).

Фотографии Fortress Zabljak Crnojevica

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