Fortress Lesendro

The legendary fortress Lesendro in Virpazar was built on the same island Skadar Lake. It is adjacent to the main road Belgrade - Bar. Earlier, before the construction of roads and the construction of the dam, near Virpazar Lesendro fortress was on the island, stretched in length. This fortification was located at the mouth of the River Crnojevic, so the fortress was called "the key to the lake." Not surprisingly, Lesendro fortress was the subject of constant conflict and struggle of Montenegrins against the Turkish conquerors.

In the XVIII century, during the rule of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, it was decided to build a fortress to protect the adjacent river Crnojevic Montenegrin land from the Ottoman Empire to the local population could safely engage in trade and fishing. The event, which approved the need for the construction was the capture and execution of the Ottoman Pasha Rashid VIII Montenegrins during their trade mission to a nearby Shkodra. As a result, the island appeared Lesendro fortifications, an area of ​​3150 square meters with high walls and towers.

How to tell the locals, he liked to go and see Peter II here, and even wrote in the walls of the fortress are several of his works. In 1843, when there was no Lesendro regular garrison, the Turks captured it. The loss of the fortress is so upset Njegos that the people there was even a saying "Suffering, both Lesendro lord", which is used to describe someone's strong disorder. Only in 1878 was the liberation of the island and a fortress against the Turks, and by the decision of the Berlin Congress, they moved to an independent Montenegro with neighboring fortress Zabljak. After the liberation of the fortress was used as a military arsenal in this role, it lasted until the First World War. Today the ruins of the fortress Lesendro attract curious tourists interested in the history and military architecture.

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