Monastery Lower Brchely

A small Monastery Lower Brchely, located close to the Virpaza famous because it is buried in the Montenegrin king-pretender Stepan Maly, who ruled the country from 1767 to 1773 years. In the last years of his life he used the monastery as a royal residence. Church of St. Nicholas, on the basis of which later originated the monastery was built in the early XV century Balsic Elena, daughter of Serbian Prince Lazar St. Hrebelyanovicha Zetas ruler and the wife of George II Balsica. For the Montenegrin tribes Tsrmnitsy monastery served not only the spiritual but also the political center. It spent his last years, and later was killed and buried in the abbey church, the Montenegrin king-pretender Stepan Maly. On the origin of this lzhetsarya almost nothing is known, except that he represents the Russian Emperor Peter III.

In the church under the altar is still kept the room used during the reign of Stjepan Small as a prison. Monastery Lower Brchely was updated in 1861 with the help of the Montenegrin Prince Nikola I Petrovic. Some time in the monastery lower Brchely located elementary school, transferred from Monastery Upper Brchely. Today the monastery is lower Brchely active monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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