Monastery Beska

Beska monastery is located in the eponymous island in Lake Skadar near the town of Virpazar. In the days of Old Slavic state of Zeta in the monastery actively going up the church books of his lodgers, so his contribution to the spiritual life of the inhabitants of the Adriatic can not be overemphasized. Temples of the monastery are valuable monuments the late Middle Ages. He is one of the many temples erected dynasty Balsic around Lake Skadar.

Beska monastery was built in the late XIV century at the expense of George II Stratsimirovicha Balsica. The complex includes the church of St George and the Church of the Annunciation. Church of St. George is a one-nave building with a dome, a spacious porch and a large bell tower three bells. The walls and floor of the temple are made of cut stone. Later, in 1440, efforts Balsic Helena, the daughter of the Holy Prince Lazar and wife of George II of, on the island there was the church of the Annunciation. It is decorated with fine stone carvings and has a size slightly smaller than the church of St. George.

Elena Balsic planned to use the Church as his tomb, and after his death, was buried in the chapel at the southern wall. During the occupation of the territory of the Ottoman Empire, near Virpazar monastery complex was sacked and fell into neglect. At the beginning of the XX century Nikola I Petrovic restored small church, wishing good health of his wife Queen Milena. In XX century, in the course of numerous wars around Virpazar, and throughout the Montenegro, Beska monastery complex again fell into neglect. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of Beska monastery began only in 2002. To date, this nunnery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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