Monastery Vranjina

Vranjina Monastery is located in the south of Montenegro, Virpazar. This is one of the most famous monasteries located on the islands and banks of Skadar Lake. The founder of the monastery, believed to have been Bishop Hilarion, who built it in 1233 and dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. In place of the monastery location intersected strategic waterways, because of which were made constant raids of the Turks, so at some time the monastery served as a refuge for the military. During one of the wars in 1862, the monastery was destroyed and from it there were only a bell and seal with the image of St. Nicholas. The new ruler of Montenegro - Prince Nicholas Petrovic-Njegos built a new two-storey monastery, but during the Second World War and the building destroyed.

Today, the monastery Vranjina - it nedorekonstruirovannaya church with its unusual architecture, decoration and design. Here is actively working to restore the building, special attention is paid to housing for visitors and pilgrims. Despite the construction works, the monastery is happy to be visiting tourists, pilgrims and volunteers.

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