Monastery Moracnik

Moracnik monastery is located east of the island of the same name, on the southern shore of Lake Skadar 19 kilometers from Virpazar. The period of foundation of the monastery is considered to 1404 by 1417, it is in this period, according to the ruler of the principality literacy Balsha III of Zeta, was built Church of the Assumption, consecrated in honor of the unique icon of Virgin Mary Three Hands. In ancient times the church furniture was painted various murals depicting saints. Unfortunately, up to now remained only subtle traces of her former beauty. Prior to the XXI century lived a small part of the buildings of the monastery Moracnik, which consists of privately complex, dining room, a stone wall with a monumental entrance gate and the remains of a four-storey tower, on top of which there was a chapel.

Фотографии Monastery Moracnik

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